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How much are you willing to sacrifice?

Sitting here with the light off to save electricity costs,  I’ve been thinking:

How much are we willing to sacrifice to own a house?

I think I am fairly lean in terms of sacrifice, I live my life fairly close to most people. I would say the only difference being is I try to keep electricity cost down and I don’t buy goods that I can live without.

But alot of people can go more extreme, selling their car in the pursuit of saving £1000 per year as I highlighted in this post HERE.

I read just now about a guy who lives in his van. And I dont think it would be too difficult.

  • Showers could be done at the gym (something I do anyway)
  • You can cook using a camping stove
  • If you park it near to work / gym / supermarket you will have a toilet close by

Sure, I wouldn’t tell anyone that I live in a van to save face, but it just goes to show that humans can easily adapt to new surroundings easily.

Like I said earlier, I haven’t sacrificed much but I have adapted to a cheaper lifestyle.

  • I drink Aldi branded coffee, some people has scoffed at the thought of drinking this coffee, but I learned to love it and it wasn’t difficult.
  • I sold my old convertible and bought a more efficient car
  • I often cycle to work (I start at 6:00AM so this isn’t practical during the winter
  • I get triggered when lights are left on, this has become a personal hatred of mine

In all, my friends don’t see me as a scrooge because I haven’t changed the way I interact with them. I just make several small adjustments to my lifestyle to save a lot more money