5 Ways to save money without (massively) changing your lifestyle

There are two distinct methods to increase the rate of your house deposit savings:

  1.  Earn more money – This can be fairly difficult / time consuming
  2. Save more money – This method is alot easier

Today we will focus on the easier method, saving cash!

  1. Eliminate the unnecessary bills

Unlimited Cineworld, huge mobile phone bills, financed cars. All these bills are not essential, I agree it is great to be able to see the latest films as soon as they come out. Its also great to have the latest Iphone and a brand new car, all these items are nice to have… But not necessary.

“But Cineworld is only £16.90 per month!” I hear you cry. True, but that equates to £202.80 for a year, if you were to hold onto that membership for 10 years you would have thrown away £2028.00. And that is a big amount.

2. Shop around for Energy / Insurance / mobile Providers

The majority of Companies that sell these sort of things are not very loyal, what I mean by this is they will offer the best deals to new customers while milking the current customers for higher amounts.

Its a known tactic that providers use because they know that the majority of customers will not switch, MoneySavingExpert reckons that it is easy to save £300/year for the average household (here)

3. Switch to Lidl & Aldi

I have been a lifelong Tesco / Asda fan, I really though Lidl & Aldi food was…crap. Until I actually went there.

Guess what! The meat & veg in discount stores is the SAME as that in the other supermarkets. The quality is on par with other stores and costs a lot less.

Both stores run a weekly vegetable off whereby they massively discount 5 / 6 type of Veg, most weeks are different, what I have found is I save money from buying these and my diet is more varied, helping my health.

4. Lay of the accelerator

Cars cost money. Fuel, Insurance, Tax, maintenance. All these costs add up, I own a SEAT Ibiza and regularly get 80mpg from it, so people think that the car costs me very little. But adding up all the associated costs show that it does add up:

8000 miles / year =  £640 fuel costs

Maintenence = £400

Insurance = £520

Tax = £0 (I do love bragging about this)

Total yearly cost = £1560

As you can see, even with the £0 tax and the high MPG, the car is still a massive drain on my wallet. the simple way to reduce this cost… sell your car, I know this is only practical for many people, but if you live in a city, then it can be quite easy to walk / cycle around.

5. Make your own lunch

A £3 meal deal doesnt sound like much does it?

But £3 a day can add up:

£15 a week

£60 a month

£720 a year

By making your own lunch, you could halve this cost and it really is simple. It doesn’t even take more time, what you have to do is simple.

Make a bigger dinner.

When I make dinner at night, I cook double the amount of food I am planning to eat. I then put half in a plastic container and stick it in the fridge. Simple.


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